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Iowa's Best Pressure Cleaning Equipment & Repair

At Capco Tri-State, we believe in ensuring your home and business are safe from dirt, moss, and other forms of potential damage. Grime build-up can eat away at surfaces, causing corrosion. They damage paint and sealant and can cause problems to your vinyl siding or wood. Professional pressure washing can remove these harmful elements, before any damage can occur, keeping your home and/or business looking like new. We offer industry leading Aaladin brand pressure cleaning equipment that provides revolutionizing cleaning ability with free swivel mobile washers and optional clutch systems, among other amazing advantages.

Bring Value Back Into Your Home or Business

Capco Tri-State will save you time and money by providing the necessary equipment to professionally remove the grime. Pressure washing the surface gets into the cracks and spaces you may not be able to otherwise reach. It’s also a great way to prime a surface for renovation, as it removes all loose particles allowing for a cleaner remodel. Let Capco and their products help increase the value of your home and make your business sparkle again.

Get the Power to Tackle Any Cleaning Job!



No matter what kind of cleaning job you may have, we've got what you need. As an AaLadin Elite Authorized Distributor, we offer some of the best, most powerful power washers on the market as well as detergents and accessories.

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Worker using a pressure washer to clean off a dirty concrete driveway in front of a brick house


Keep your cleaning equipment in tip-top shape with a repair service from our experts who will have you back in business in no time. At Capco Tri-State we can repair any make and model.

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Rental pressure washers offered by Capco Tri-State


Save storage space, maintenance cost and time by renting a power washer from Capco Tri-State. We provide the best cleaning equipment you need when you need it.

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Industries We Serve

Power washing can be beneficial to both homeowners and almost any company. However, some industries need it more than others, particularly those that operate large equipment or have environments that are prone to heavy grime including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Food Processing
  • Food Service
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil / Gas
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management

The Capco Tri-State Difference

Capco Tri-State believes that every project is special. That’s why we service all makes and models. We help our customers find the right pressure washer for the job, offer the best in accessories and detergents, and offer tips and tricks to make sure your experience is positive. Capco Tri-State can create custom builds to help each customer find exactly what they need, and we offer preventative maintenance to make sure your pressure washers live a long life.

We are experienced in everything pressure washer related and are proud to offer American made products.

Pressure washer cleaning off tiles